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Actor Richard James in full makeup for Space Precint

Richard James in Gerry Anderson’s Space Precinct

David Fisher Testimonials

David Fisher Testimonials just highlight how much customers appreciate my work

Join the multitude of satisfied customers who regularly use my music services. If you have any doubts, read on to discover what people think of my work:

Graham Brooks plays a song

Graham Brooks Live

Graham Brooks relaxes between recording sessions

Graham Brooks – Singer-Songwriter (on David producing his album “City Boy”.)

“What I’m going to say about the studio is that it’s a phenomenal place – it has everything there. We used a multitude of instruments. We went from autoharp to ukulele to Indian drums, sitar… scratchboard [washboard] – you name it! David knew what he was doing with everything… his breadth of knowledge about the studio and what it can do is phenomenal and if he doesn’t think he can do it he’ll tell you. 99.99 percent of the time I asked, I got. You don’t get that with studios. You do with David Fisher.

Quite simply the best ears in the business. A joy to work with.”

Alex Heffes Film and TV composer

Alex Heffes – Film and TV Composer (Credits include “Mandela – Long Walk to Freedom”, “Roots”, “State of Play”, “Last King of Scotland”.)

“David is a natural born songwriter. He knows the anatomy of writing a song like few people do.”

Songwriter, film maker, playright and animator Rory Fellowes

Rory Fellowes – Singer-Songwriter / Playwright / Filmmaker / Animator (Digital Animation Director on Harry Potter, Hellraiser II and Captain Scarlet.)

“David Fisher produced my CD ‘Songs Of Love & Time’. His contribution to the final 10 songs cannot be overstated. As well as being a masterly producer, David is a musician, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter, with a genuine feel for other people’s work. He understood the eclectic mix of moods and styles I had given him to arrange and produce. His own playing is marvellous, sensitive and accurate, and his interpretations are spot on every time. I have had a lot of praise for the CD, and while everyone likes the songs, I know it is the arrangements as much as anything that got them, and that is all down to David. Highly recommended.”

Molly Brownon stage for Q&A about her movies

Molly Brown – Film Maker / Animator / Author

“I first used the services of David Fisher about ten years ago when we recorded the voiceovers for one of my early animations. Since then he has recorded numerous voiceovers for my films and animations and has composed and performed original music for several of my films. I have never been disappointed with anything David has done for me. He’s always professional and as I recently told him I often feel that his music lifts my work up to another level. He never fails to surprise me, pleasantly that is, with what he comes up with and as a film buff he gets the references. If I tell him I want something in the style of this or that he knows what I’m talking about which saves so much time. So if you need original music or someone to record audio for film, stage or television I definitely recommend David Fisher. He knows his stuff.”

Peter Marsh at work with David at Soundhouse in Acton, London

Peter Marsh – Audio Production Manager, Oxford University Press

“David has been charming OUP’s young language learners the world over with him catchy tunes.”

Tim Hollier's Message to a Harlequin LP Sleeve

Tim Hollier – Music Publisher / Singer-Songwriter (Private message to Rory Fellowes’ about his album “Songs of Love and Time” produced by David Fisher.)

“Can’t resist telling you. I think your album is brilliant. Lou Reed meets Johnny Cash produced by Jeff Lynne.”

Tim Bradshaw records a session with David Fisher

Tim Bradshaw – Singer-Songwriter / Producer / Musician / Orchestral Arranger (Regular touring musician with David Gray, John Mayer and Ronan Keating)

“David’s knowledge of music runs very deep, something he uses when recording to great effect. He’s a great guy to work with in the studio. He is meticulous but somehow always retains the right vibe.”

Richard James actor/writer

Richard James – Actor, Author, Playwright (Cast member in two David Walliams’ touring productions and alien Officer Orrin in Gerry Anderson’s “Space Precinct”)

“When writing my musical play for children, “Professor Thyme and the History Mystery”, I needed some songs that would not only further the story but would be entertaining in their own right. David’s songs were witty and charming. David Fisher is a unique performing talent!”

Monica Lowenberg Director of Focal Vocal

Monica Lowenberg – Founding Managing Director of FocalVocal (on David recording and producing voice-overs for documentary movie “We Survived It”.)

“David is a delight to work with, as a sound recording engineer second to none, prepared at all times to go that extra mile; ensuring throughout all stages of the recording that I, as the voice-over artist, and the documentary makers were very satisfied. David has a wonderful way of making people feel very at ease whilst at the same time maintaining a professional atmosphere and keeping to strict deadlines. I cannot recommend David more highly.”

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