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Peter Watts with David Fisher mixing a Spygenius album

Peter Watts of Spygenius

Online Music Mixing by David Fisher

Welcome to my Online Music Mixing service.  Brief me on your requirements and send me your files over the internet.

Are you frustrated with the quality of your own garage band mixes? Then you need my Online Music Mixing service. Give me a call to discuss your requirements, with no obligation.  I can make your music sound better by making pitch and timing corrections to the performances.

Putney Rowing Club gig with Robyn Hitchcock

David Fisher plays with Spygenius and Robyn Hitchcock at Putney Rowing Club

“Quite simply the best ears in the business. A joy to work with.”

Graham Brooks

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I can even rebalance and repair existing mixes:

  • Turning up or bolstering the drums with subtle use of additional samples
  • Reduce vocal levels or add effects to or retune the voice
  • Focus the bass with extra compression and EQ shaping
  • Add guitar effects and much more.

I use cutting edge demixing software that allows me to separate the drums, vocals, guitar and bass parts from a pre-existing stereo mix, work on them separately and recombine them in a new mix (something that would have seemed impossible and miraculous only a few years ago). It is an astonishingly powerful tool.

How does it work?

  • Send me the individual audio tracks (stems) and an example of how you would like it to sound
  • I will mix your material
  • You get up to two low-resolution sample ‘demo’ versions which you can comment on and ask for changes
  • Finally, I will finish the mix and, on payment, send you a full resolution final version

I have also produced work on ‘About Time’ and ‘Songs from the Devil’s Typist’

  • Two guitar pop albums released by Whammo Whammo Whammo Excellent Records by the band Spygenius.

Online audio mixing in the studio
I remotely mixed tracks submitted by a band called The Amberblacks

Here is a mix of the song:

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