London Music Producer David Fisher

I am a London Music Producer and multi-instrumentalist with over 30 years of experience.

As a London Music Producer, I have worked with musicians and composers, producing and recording their own original music. I can both originate and help with:

Audio Mixing

Upload your digital audio tracks and I will send you back a professional mix.

Music Production

Hire me to produce your music or speech recording session.

Song Writing Services

I will write or co-write any type of song for any purpose.

ELT Song Composer

I have over 20 years’ experience writing English Language Training (ELT) educational songs.

Music Composer

I can write original custom music in any style for your Film / TV / Radio / Theatrical Production, Advert or Podcast.

I offer my services at cost-effective rates and can work within your budget.

Since winning a Fostex 4-track cassette machine from a competition in the music press in the mid-’80s, I have been involved in recording songs from both sides of the microphone. I live and breathe music as a dedicated record collector, concert-goer, songwriter and performer. I have run my own audio studio for nearly 30 years, after being thrown in at the deep end learning sound engineering very much on the job at a friend’s recording facility in the ’90s. I picked up the necessary technical knowledge very fast and soon put my musical ears to work, helping other artists improve and shape their material as a record producer. Before long, I was employed around the clock, seven days a week, and found myself in the envious position of being able to pick and choose who I worked with.

From recording music, I branched out into location film sound recording and soundtrack dubbing. Although I rarely do film mixing work these days, the experience of carefully selecting, placing and balancing sound effects, dialogue, atmos, and foley tracks has enhanced my approach to music. If I close my eyes, I like to visualise what I hear, which can bring another dimension into my creative thought processes beyond simple decisions about tune, pace, style, groove and harmony. This approach has led me to write music for film, stage and animation.

I am one of a handful of composers regularly hired by Oxford University Press to compose songs to include in their multi-media ELT (English Language Training) courses for secondary schools worldwide. I have to make arrangements in multiple styles, which is great fun and constantly stretches me – mixing disco, reggae, rap, electronic, county, rock ‘n’ roll, indie, power pop, boy/girl band, retro, rock, folk, jazz, R&B, funk, ska, world, swing, etc. This often involves writing and demoing an album’s worth of songs to near master quality in a week, which is pretty intense! Delivering to deadline under such pressure for excellence and variety has given me the confidence to tackle pretty much anything.

David Fisher working with his Apple Mac

Do you have a song that needs refining, recording and/or mixing to a professional standard?

I write, produce, play and programme many styles of music and songs.

I have considerable experience recording, arranging, mixing and re-looping, dubbing, sound designing and doing foley work for film.

I have recorded orchestras, opera singers, hypnotists, voice-overs, talking books, Mbira bands and produced multiple music styles from death metal to traditional folk, from chill-out to hip hop.

I am an experienced singer who plays guitar, drums and keyboards with my own fully equipped studio facility ready to deliver your requirements.

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