Professional Music Services from David Fisher

Professional Music Services are delivered to you here, with over 30 years of experience.

Here are some details about the comprehensive list of services I offer, to meet any requirements:

David enthusiastically at work for a client in his studio
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Audio Mixing

Are you looking for an experienced mixing engineer to mix some pre-recorded music?

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Music Production

Do you need an independent music producer to help you focus and bring the best out of your original music?

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Song Writing Services

Do you need an original song written to your specifications?

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ELT Song Composer

Are you looking for bespoke songs to enhance your educational course?

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Music Composer

Do you need some original music for your video/movie/audio production?

Everything you need in a music creation service, in one place

  • Are you a singer-songwriter looking for a multi-instrumentalist who can bring your tune to life?

I have had a very varied career covering all aspects of music production

Work includes recording, performing, producing, arranging, mixing and composition. I have a reputation for being focused and easy to work with, and always meeting deadlines.

It may seem unusual that I have a foot in so many musical camps

By working in such different fields, it keeps me fresh. I like to tackle new challenges, which keeps my interest up and focuses me more effectively, not repeating the same task year in year out.

My cross-disciplinary experience broadens my horizons and enriches my approach to new projects. Having a background in film sound, pre-school music, live performance, sound engineering, songwriting, music teaching, and music production gives me a unique ability to relate to clients’ and collaborators’ needs and perspectives.

Professional Music Services David Fisher at work

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