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Music Producer - Autoharp recording session

Autoharpist Guy Padfield

Music Producer David Fisher

I have been a Music Producer of all genres and styles of music for over 30 years.

How will hiring a Music Producer help to improve my studio sessions? …here are some reasons:

I have a fresh, unbiased set of ears

  • I will spot any weaknesses and identify areas of possible improvement by suggesting adventurous changes of speed, pitch, arrangement, the addition of backing vocals and instrumentation. These are just suggestions – if the artist intends on any particular approach, I always defer to their wishes without a struggle!

I have a very good sense of pitch and timing

  • I will politely push the performer to play/sing to the best of their ability and, if necessary, tweak the audio to make improvements to timing or groove before the final mix.

I have the patience of an angel

  • This seems to rub off on those around me. Recording can be a high-pressure business. Having someone to co-ordinate, prioritise and encourage during the process helps no end when there is inevitably limited time and budget.

Having an outsider to organise the recording end of the session allows the artist to concentrate solely on their job – performing at their pea

    • I can identify individual strengths and, by process of encouragement and gentle coaching, improve a musician/singer’s performance.
    • If you are planning an album, I can help select the strongest songs to record.
    • If you are a solo artist or duo I can, either find session players to add to your music or arrange and play extra parts myself.
    • I can either engineer your session myself or work with the engineer to record and mix your ideas to a professional standard.
    Music Producer working with Rory Fellowes

    Rory Fellowes

    “David Fisher is a unique performing talent!”

    Richard James

    [Testimonials Page]

    Why hire a Music Producer?

    I use cutting edge de-mixing software that allows me to separate the drums, vocals, guitar and bass parts from a pre-existing stereo mix, work on them separately and recombine them in a new mix (something that would have seemed impossible and miraculous only a few years ago). It is an astonishingly powerful tool.

    Here are some examples of artists/projects I have produced:

    I recently produced ‘City Boy’ a pop/soul solo album by Graham Brooks (of whom Rod Stewart once said, ‘You sound more like me than I do!’)

      I produced the ‘Songs of Love and Time’ album for former 60’s (almost) pop star, singer-songwriter Rory Fellowes who has come back to music after abandoning it in the 70’s to become a special effects and digital animation director (‘Harry Potter’, ‘Captain Scarlet’ and ‘Hellbound: Hellraiser II’.)

      I am currently producing and co-writing music material

      Working with Mercury Prize nominee Nick Bird (The Bootleg Beatles, The Weeknd), who co-wrote a song that appeared on ‘CSI: Miami’.

      Music Producer David Fisher at his piano

      Other sessions I have produced include:

      The Little Acorns – ‘40 Classic Kids’ Songs’ and ‘40 More Classic Kids’ Songs’ children’s music albums released by Summerisle Records

      Little Acorns CD covers

      Little Acorns Vol 1 Cover


      Perfect Children – ‘Games For May’ alternative guitar band 12’ vinyl EP released by Mmad Records

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