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Custom music composer with actors Graham and Carrie Brooks, Karen Fisher, Richard James and Simon Woodham read Musical script

Composed Work – “The Worm Wood Experiment” First Script Reading

Custom Music Composer
David Fisher

I am a Custom Music Composer based in Greater London

Do you need a Custom Music Composer to originate a piece of music for you?

Do you need an original radio or television theme tune?

Do you require made-to-order incidental music for a video or film?

Do you need original music for a play, musical or pantomime?

Are you looking for a catchy advertising jingle?

Is there any other music you would like to have composed?

Look no further. I deliver musical compositions in any genre working to an agreed budget and deadline.

Custom music composer David creating music at his drum kit

David Fisher Composing With Percussion

“I definitely recommend David Fisher. He knows his stuff.”

Molly Brown

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Original Musical Content

…is an integral part of any new production, be it theatrical, film, corporate video, the medium formerly known as television, radio, talking book, YouTube unboxing video or any other online audio presentation.

Drama or documentary, advert or DJ jingle, I can write some original music at a rate to suit your budget. I am a multi-instrumentalist, so that keeps the price down. If you want specific instruments that I don’t play or need a particular style of singer, I have many contacts I can hire.

Have you got a specific song in mind but cannot afford the license?

You can send me a sample of the kind of music you would like, and I will produce something similar that will not break any copyrights!

All forms of broadcast media production

I have provided music for TV, business websites, radio plays, published musicals and several award-winning short films. Here are some examples:

    I co-wrote and performed the title theme song for the successful (episode 2 had viewing figures of more than 6 million) Granada TV comedy-drama ‘Stan the Man’

    Here is a theme I did for YouTube unboxing videos for

    Here are the songs from a school musical play I co-wrote with Graham Brooks called ‘The Worm Wood Experiment’:

    Custom music composer David writing music at his piano
    I have also written music and recorded voiceovers (some of which I performed myself) for possibly the most prolific award-winning short filmmaker in the country, Molly Brown.

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